Profiting From Land with Natural Resources: The Story of Flow Water – E162

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Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro meet with Nicholas Reichenbach, Founder and Executive Chairman of Flow Water.

In 2015, Nicholas Reichenbach saw a mountain of discarded plastic water bottles as he left the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Instead of just shaking his head at the problem, he resolved to find a solution. That’s how Flow was born. Since starting with a single family-owned artesian spring in Canada, Flow has grown rapidly. As a Certified B Corporation, Flow meets the highest social and environmental standards. 

In this episode, Nicholas shares the inspiring story of Flow. He explains how he turned the artesian spring on his family property in Ontario into an international brand. 

This is a great episode for those wanting to learn how to leverage land with natural resources into a thriving business.

Enhancing Real Estate with Textile Design – E161

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In this episode we discuss ways that investors, business owners and homeowners can transform their real estate with creative strategies using textile design!

Hosts Carmen and Jordan meet with Candice Kaye, founder and creative director of Candice Kaye Design – an international textile design studio specializing in bespoke wallpaper, rugs and embroidered linen.

This is a fascinating episode for those looking to create a one-of–kind product that stands out amongst the competition.

Investing in Modular Homes with Roxbox Containers – E160

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Carmen and Jordan meet with Anthony Halsch, founder and CEO of Roxbox Containers, a Denver based manufacturing company that designs, engineers, and builds custom structures out of shipping containers.

In this episode, Anthony shares the story of how Roxbox was created and how the company has grown to service clients all over the world in commercial, industrial, residential, office and food & beverage industries. 

Anthony talks us through why an investor may gravitate towards the custom shipping container route compared to a traditional build, time efficiencies, the innovative design and build process,  financing structure and more.

This is a fascinating episode for those looking to get creative in their real estate and business endeavors. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the show are those of the individual guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 30 Minutes to Wealth. Some episodes are for mature audiences and include language not suitable for young listeners.

The Investor’s Guide to Taxation in Rental Properties – E159

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Carmen and Jordan meet with Blake De Luca, Chartered Professional Accountant at RLB Canada, to discuss tax implications with rental properties.

In this episode, Blake shares all the tax information any investor will need to know when it comes to owning and operating short term and long term rental properties. Blake provides key information on the two investment strategies as well as what’s involved when it comes to converting an owner occupied property into a rental and completing renovations. This is a value packed episode that offers exceptional insight into effective tax strategies for the Canadian real estate investor. 

Riches in Real Estate Niches – E158

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Carmen and Jordan meet with Heather Blankenship, real estate investor and entrepreneur. 

Heather’s investment strategy primarily focuses on RV Parks, Mobile Home Parks and section 8 Multifamily properties. With nearly 11 years of experience as an investor and niche broker covering RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, Heather has supported nearly $300M of transactions in the industry. 

In this episode, we talk to Heather about her incredible success story, how she got started in real estate on a whim, where she chooses to invest, how she evaluates her properties, and her secret to success. She is an educator in the RV park industry and a big advocate for women in real estate. This is a must watch episode for anyone looking for inspiration. We highlight how there is incredible opportunity in real estate asset niches, and how hard work truly pays off.

The Future of Urban Agriculture – E157

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Carmen and Jordan meet with Tyler Whale, entrepreneur and subject-matter expert in the agricultural industry.  Tyler holds a Ph.D. in Immunology, he is a business development lead at Saskatoon Colostrum Company, the Industry Liaison at the University of Guelph, and the President of Ontario Agri-food Technologies (OAFT).

Tyler has worked closely with dozens of ag-innovation companies from all over Ontario and we were so excited to talk to him about the future of urban agriculture, and more specifically, vertical farming.

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in environmentally controlled vertically stacked layers. Tyler talks us through how investors can partner with industry professionals to convert existing industrial properties into vertical farms. He also details what is required to build Canadian capacity in vertical agricultural  infrastructure, the investment required, and how this method can change food production as we know it locally and globally! 

For anyone interested in this hot topic, vertical farming presents a tremendous opportunity in the Canadian landscape for investors. We encourage you to watch the full episode to learn what is on the horizon in this space.

The World’s Most Wished for Airbnb – E156

Legal Expertise for Successful Condo Development – E155

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Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro meet with Maria Durdan and Bilal Mirza, Partners at Simpson Wigle Law, to discuss condo development.

In this episode, Maria and Bilal breakdown the process for those looking to either convert an existing multi-residential property into a condominium, or those looking to develop a condominium from the ground up. This is a very informative episode as Bilal and Maria share their knowledge and expertise on the legal “must knows” an investor should be aware of to excel in this type of investment strategy.