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International Real Estate Investing – E142

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In this episode, Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro meet with real estate investor, Glen Sutherland. Glen is a Canadian who invests and manages a large portfolio of properties completely from abroad. He started his investing journey by purchasing ‘buy and hold’ rental real estate in local Canadian markets. After a lot of research, he learned of considerable benefits to investing in the United States such as more favourable laws, lower property taxes and a lower cost of entry south of the boarder.

Be sure to watch this episode to learn about Glen’s strategies when it comes to how he picks his markets, what he looks for in a property and how he manages risk from abroad. Glen talks to us about arguably one of the most essential aspects of owing property internationally- how he finds a trustworthy team to look out for his best interests when he’s not a local investor.

This is an information packed episode that offers great insight and knowledge on how to successfully own and manage properties from abroad.

Glen Sutherland

Maximize Returns Through Passive Real Estate Investing

July 27  |  7pm

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