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Restoring Heritage Mansions – E150

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Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro meet with Anne Marie Cummings to discuss her journey in real estate. After retiring from a 30-year career in technology sales at the age of 55, Anne Marie went on a journey to reinvent herself and determine how to live a meaningful life in retirement. While researching her book, Anne Marie discovered the concept of co-housing and the benefits this environment can provide to its residents.

She started restoring heritage homes in her town for the purpose of creating co-housing environments from heritage mansions. In addition to creating these projects, among others,  she is also restoring some of the most beautiful historic homes in Canada. Anne Marie was a long time follower of our show, and we were so excited to welcome her to share her own story. 

In this episode, Anne Marie talks to us about how she got started investing in real estate (it’s never too late!), what she looks for in a property, and how she has created incredible wealth for herself with renovating and flipping heritage homes, a true niche and passion project!

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